This Juice is 100% fruit juice made from local, fresh ingredients, cold pressed in Melbourne for you to enjoy.

eco friendly

preservative free

no added sugar

no added colour

gluten free

dairy free

no saturated fats

vegan friendly



We are a second generation family business originating at the iconic
Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne.


Our background in fruit and vegetables means we come into contact with locally grown premium produce on a daily basis. 

The stall at the market is still operating but we've added a delicious, quality juice range to our business.


A juice that is free of additives, preservatives and concentrates to give you the best quality product, able to be taken home  to your own fridge and enjoyed.

That juice is ' This Juice' .

Enjoy some today. 



This Juice cares about producing quality juice using only fresh, natural ingredients, while looking after our environment, recycling and impacting on our world in the least harmful way possible.

Take a look at how our juice is made.

Juice production

Recycling and care for our environment has been a
priority since our inception.

Our recycling is not limited to plastic and paper.

We recycle fruit and vegetable waste from juicing by sending it to Yarra Valley Water where it is converted to biofuel.

This video explains how it's done.